About Emanuela Fernandes

Emanuela Fernandes

Emanuela Fernandes is a Toronto-based writer and culinary journalist who has spent most of her career writing about aphrodisiac foods and sensuality. Fernandes has done many TV appearances on local and national TV shows, including hosting a popular culinary show where she cooked with some of the most talented chefs and home cooks in Toronto. After successfully publishing her debut novel, THE STOPOVER, Fernandes established herself as a sensuality expert, has taught many workshops, recorded podcasts, and conducted dozens of interviews on the subjects of sensuality, pleasure, food, and personal empowerment. She has contributed her work to multiple publications, including Playboy.com.


Fernandes is known for her flirtatious, sensual, and erotisized style of writing in the world of culinary journalism, but her biggest passion is documenting uplifting human stories and turning them into sensual, empowering time capsules that inspire thousands to begin sensual journeys of their own. Fernandes is known for her light-hearted yet revealing interviews, integrity, and a warm, relatable style of presentation.


Fernandes was born and raised in Lithuania and moved to Toronto with her family at the age of 17. She now resides in Toronto with her husband and their four-year-old daughter, Sandrine.