The Stopover

By all accounts, Sandrine Landerville’s life appears to be perfect – she has a doting husband, a gorgeous child, and two successfully published novels under her belt.


Despite this outward perfection, inner turmoil brews as Sandrine once again faces the monotony and boredom of each new day. She craves a life of sensual pleasures, passion and adventure.


Opportunity presents itself when Sandrine begins her new job as a flight attendant and meets Juan Rodriguez, a lonely and intriguing pilot. Their immediate mutual connection is undeniable.


Sandrine’s world is suddenly rocked as she battles her insatiable desire for Juan against a tenacious loyalty to her family. Is their connection truly real or simply a figment of her under-stimulated imagination?


Can she resist his charms or could a passionate affair be the very excitement she’s been looking for? Each new stopover draws Sandrine and Juan closer to finding the truth.

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The World's Most Sensual Woman
Reconnect with your inner Sensual Woman to reclaim the glory of a pleasure-filled, sensual life. Reunify with your wise, brave, passionate, effervescent self, who has an insatiable appetite for food, for adventure, for people, and for life. Rediscover the world of small, sensual delights that can send intoxicating shivers down your spine and make your eyes sparkle with an infectious joy that inspires and heals the world, while building stronger and better communities.
Heightened sensuality is encoded in every woman’s DNA. Over the years, many women have forgotten or suppressed this invaluable wisdom passed on to them through generations — the wisdom of being an enchantingly powerful and magnetic force of nature, connected to animal-like intuition; the instinctive ability to heal and derive bliss from the smallest joys in life, guilt-free. Your sensuality can help you reconnect with your “joie de vivre.” Learn how to cultivate more meaningful relationships with all five of your senses through sensually-stimulating, simple luxuries like food, fabrics, literature, fragrance, sex, self-pleasure, self-care, and rituals that you can adopt and change to your liking. Learn how to find your euphoria and how to empower yourself and the world around you, so you can live a more meaningful, balanced life, filled with sensual fulfillment. Your World’s Most Sensual Woman is waiting to be unleashed. Celebrate her every single day.