Unleash Your Sensual Expression

Your sensual expression has been oppressed by many powerful demagogues: religion, upbringing, cultural conditioning, past trauma, education, media, just to name a few. Many of us grew up thinking that sensual expression makes us look “weak”, “girly”, “artsy”, too “out there” or even “weird”. Our cultural oppression has made us disconnected from our true selves and often, from the very basic things that make us happy.

Reconnecting with your sensuality and learning how to express it, can be a Herculean task for most of us. Many of us still subconsciously subscribe to the message of the powerful demagogues that we were trained to obey. But it’s possible.

Find what gives you pleasure and what connects you to your most primitive, raw and real you. Celebrate your unique you! Find pleasure in food, in fabrics you that wear (leather isn’t just for men and nylon isn’t just for women), in your bedroom, in your daily activities and in your relationship with the world. Share your sensual expression. You’ll become an inspiration!

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