Connect With Your Sensual Entity

My inner sensual entity has always been overwhelmingly feminine. She has always worn her sultry pink lipstick, nylon stockings, read poetry and had the softest voice of feminine wisdom.

I spent years trying to suppress my inner sensual entity. I felt like she was too delicate, too weak and too personal to share with the world. I sheltered her, so she didn’t get hurt. Kind of like my mother sheltered me when I was growing up. Then, I realized that my attempts to suppress her, had been unsuccessful. She was the essence of me. When I stopped trying to hide her, I discovered a brand new side of my inner sensual entity. I realized that next to being delicate, she was also tough, resilient and a little bad ass. I embraced her and stopped sheltering her. I allowed her to laugh, inspire, change minds, challenge and provoke. Without any expectations, without any fears or reservations.

What can you learn about your inner sensual identity? Prepare to be surprised.

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