High Heels To Boost Your Libido

Interesting fact about high heels! Turns out, they can help you get in touch with your sensual side and that isn't just because they are look sexy.

Scientific research backs the idea that the correlation between sensuality and heels is real! High heels shift your weight from your center of security (heels) and put it all towards your emotional foot center (ball of the foot) and mental foot center (toes). Mentally and emotionally, heels keep you alert and focused. To experience this first hand, take a pair of flat shoes and a pair of heels; try them both on and walk around for a few seconds in each pair. Monitor the change in your thoughts and feelings while in each shoe. Do the heels make you want to go tackle a project or get things done while the flats make you want to go for a stroll and just lay around? How does each pair affect your current mental/emotional state?

Observe the changes in your thoughts and feelings throughout the week based on the shoes you’re wearing. You may also notice that wearing heels puts pressure on certain reflexology points that are responsible for your libido.

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