Reconnect with Your Feminine Essence

You are a busy woman... Probably a mom, wife, daughter, sister, girlfriend, a hustler, a nurse, teacher, therapist, chef, and chances are, you have few more job titles that I haven’t mentioned. Your family and friends depend on you to shower them with care, affection and support.

And then, in the midst of your busy schedule, lunch preps, tons of laundry, school drop offs and the constant fight to be seen and respected in your corporate world, you realize that your “feminine duties” and your desire to have a career, are actually making you completely disconnected from your feminine essence. The one who is carefree, sensual, and coquettish. The one who wears a sultry lipstick, who goes an extra mile to get that pair of sheer black stockings and spritzes her luxurious French perfume on her décolletage and actually takes time to feel the intoxicating fragrance. The one who loves to laugh, who adores flowers, who is mysterious, spontaneous and just a little wild...

When did you and your feminine essence got disconnected? Did it happen when you became a mom? When you stopped having fun in your long-term relationship? When you took on that job that is no longer stimulating and inspiring? Good news is that you can’t lose your feminine essence. It’s there. It’s probably quite lonely and feels neglected, but it’s there.

Go and rekindle that relationship. Your feminine essence is welcome even in the midst of daily lunch preps, school drop offs and in that boardroom. Nurture your feminine essence. Bring her out and let her play...

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