Sensuality and Motherhood

Mothers of infant babies probably are the most sensual creatures on this planet. Their maternal instinct, fueled by the cocktail of postpartum hormones, brings them back to the most primitive and raw state of a woman's existence.

A mother of an infant can hear sounds that are rarely captured by a human ear. Her sense of touch is equipped to detect the slightest change in her baby's body temperature. Her sense of smell is heightened, although unlike in pregnancy, in no longer induces vicious vomiting spells. Instead, she can use it to protect her child from hazardous materials, fire, contamination, etc. better than at any other stage of their coexistence. Mothers of infant babies, can see in the dark better than any other species. Watch a brand new mother waking up in the middle of the night to check if her baby is breathing. As a rookie mom, she will walk up to the crib and watch her offspring taking its peaceful breaths. Two weeks later, she won't need to go in so close. She will just take a peak from far and intuitively know whether her baby is okay. Even a woman's sense of taste is sharper than ever. Many report to have some postpartum cravings. Often, her cravings involve ingredients that are loaded with nutrients and some report being turned off by the same food items that their babies are allergic to. And then, observe a brand new mother cuddling with her newborn child or breastfeeding him/her. She is the most powerful, beautiful goddess-like force of nature. She might be completely disconnected from her sexual side at this stage of her life, but she understands all the secrets of humanity. She knows them all, even if she doesn't realize it. Her sensuality makes her mightier and stronger than she ever thought possible.

This also often inspires a newly found confidence in herself and her body. Her body has produced the miracle of life and that is what makes her into the most powerful, life-giving force of nature to be reckoned with…

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