Your Sensual Self-Care Day

Give your yourself a gift of a sensual self-care day. Send your kids off to school and give yourself a day of pleasure.

Stay at home, take a long, fragrant bath, envelope your body in nourishing, aromatic body cream, wrap yourself in the luxurious comfort of your silk bathrobe and make yourself a satisfying breakfast. Eat it in bed (because when was the last time you got breakfast in bed?!) and truly indulge. Appreciate and be thankful for every divine moment of your solitude and pleasure. Spend your day reading, writing, watching movies, drinking tea, or doing anything else that makes you happy. You may not even remember how to indulge in your own solitude. Rediscover your solo pleasure and what it means to you. Just for one day, forget about everyone, about your to-do lists and about your responsibilities.

Allow yourself to be in the moment, engage all of your senses and just for one day, spoil yourself. Take a nap, eat chocolate without any regrets, and indulge in self-love. You will wake up happier the next day and so will everyone else who truly matters...

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