Find Your Most Sensual Fragrance

The art of perfumery has always been associated with sensuality. Appreciating it and understanding it is an art in itself. Try it! Let the fine mist of your favourite perfume land on your wrist. Leave it to teasingly caress your skin for just a few short moments. Then bring your wrist to your face, let the curious tip of your nose touch your skin and then inhale the intoxicating fragrance of your perfume - someone else’s creation of senses.

Perfumes usually consist of 3 different notes: the top note is the first impression. It’s that unforgettable love at first sight. The middle note stores the heart of your perfume. It’s often deep and more mature, yet enticing, ripe and oozing with the perfect yin and yang of feminine and masculine. And then there is the base note of your perfume - the depth and the soul of your favourite fragrance. It’s the beginning of a perfumer’s fantasy. The luscious, intriguing beginning of a love affair with layers upon layers of breathtaking emotions.

Choosing the right fragrance is also a form of art. It takes intuitive understanding and analysis of what fragrance works for you. Ask yourself about the emotions that come to surface when you are wearing your perfume. Does it remind you of something? Good or bad? Does your fragrance linger or does it blend in with the natural scent of your body? Where does the fragrance take you? Find the fragrance that takes you on the journey to pleasure, whatever pleasure means to you. Respect the art of perfumery. Every drop was meant for your sensual indulgence.

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