Reconnect with Your Inner Child to Discover Your Untamed Sensuality

Yesterday, my 3.5-year-old daughter taught me a lesson. We were walking outside and it was snowing. I was rushing to get inside, but she seemed to be enjoying the cold snowflakes delicately landing and quickly melting on her nose. She did not seem to mind the wind either. Her tiny red nose was the only thing that gave away that it was in fact, chilly, and that her body was responding to it. Then she asked me if she could taste the snow. And naturally, I told her that she shouldn’t and that we should hurry so we could get inside. Then my little Sandrine looked at me and told me that her Gamma (grandma, my mom) told her that it was okay to taste the fresh snow. And then I caught myself being completely disconnected from my inner child. I remember tasting and even eating snow when I was little. But here I was, all grown up and completely unfriendly to this childish idea. So I turned around and told my daughter that if she wanted to taste the snow, she could go ahead. So she did and I did the same thing. It was such a distant, yet familiar sensual experience. The melting texture of cold snowflakes, melting on my tongue, almost immediately turning into rain water. There was something so nostalgically joyous about this sweet experience.

As children, we are fearless. We are open to experiencing the world and its sensual pleasures without any judgement. Then we are conditioned to get disconnected from the simple sensual adventures and we are vigorously trained to consume the unnatural, commodified sensuality. No wonder why so many people associate sensuality with sexuality, which are not exactly synonymous. But sex sells and that’s the kind of sensuality that we have been conditioned to buy.

So reconnect with your inner child to experience the raw, primitive and true sensuality. The kind that you have forgotten about, but intuitively understood as a child. Talk to your inner child and don’t judge what your inner child interprets as sensual. You have been conditioned to see sensuality in a more refined, yet unnatural way. Your inner child knows and understands what sensual pleasure truly means to you. Go on a journey down the memory lane and see what you can discover.

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