Bathing Suits, Stretch Marks and Real Women

Is there anything more sensually pleasing than diving into a cool pool after a long week? Letting the water wash away the residue of negativity and stress... Water itself has magical cleansing properties, not to mention the benefits of aqua fitness. All this sounds romantically idyllic, yet very few women are comfortable to put on a bathing suit and truly enjoy themselves. But let’s face it - it’s never about the bathing suit and it’s always about the woman who is wearing it. And it’s not even about her body! It’s something about her aura and her ability to enjoy the experience of life.

Here is the truth! I, as many other ordinary women, have cellulite, stretch marks because guess what? My ultra petite body spent 9.5 months carrying a baby and spent another 10 sustaining the baby through breastfeeding. I also have been brainwashed by the pretty images of tall, often anorexic, unrealistic “perfect women”. And I am far from that kind of “perfect”. I am only 4’11” (but thank Goodness for high heels! They give me a couple of precious inches!) and the rest of me is 100% natural - no silicone, I got natural stretch marks, cellulite, birthmarks and all! But I have this insatiable desire to live, to create, to travel, to learn, to educate, to inspire, observe, empower and enjoy life... I have this sensual feminine energy pulsating through me that, if I may say so myself, probably makes me happier than any perfect, cellulite, wrinkle and stretch mark free woman on this planet!

Channel your sensual feminine essence. Embrace your pleasure and your body. Go and buy yourself a hot bathing suit and go for a swim. Let the buoyancy of the water reenergize you. Laugh and be grateful that Mother Nature has blessed with with this imperfectly perfect natural beauty.

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