Connect With Your Feminine Superpower

Every woman has a superpower. It’s powerful, mysterious and almost impossible to comprehend. Under the layers of silk, lace and nylon, under the scent of her French perfume, softly lingering on her tender skin. Somewhere under her armor of self-preservation, lays her superpower - her Intuition. The ancient world’s wisdom, genetically passed down to her by her ancestors.

Every woman can connect to her superpower, if only she pauses and listens to the voice of her intuition. If only she quiets her mind and channels her inner Witch - her inner wise woman. There are times in a woman’s life when her intuition is heightened and speaks louder than her voice of reason. That often happens in her childhood when she is intimately connected to her raw, unrefined and “unspoiled” self. Then, as she becomes older, the disconnect happens and she becomes more rational and calculated. She often reconnects with her intuition when she becomes a mother. Her protective instincts kick in, also bringing her back to the raw state of her intuitive sensuality.

If you are a woman, just about now, you are probably asking yourself a million dollar question: what can you do in order to stay connected to your superpower? Here are a some rituals that can help:

Practice Self-Care: Practicing self-care can do wonders. Find time to take care of yourself and your needs. Ask yourself what you need at the moment. Do you need a nap? Have things been piling up and perhaps you need to sit and write things down? Do you need to see your family or your friends, so you can feel like yourself again? Practice self-care, whatever it means to you. This will help you stay connected to your needs and your true self.

Do not suppress your feelings: From the very young age, we are taught that certain feelings like anger, fear and resentment, are not good (because you know, good girls should be loving, sweet and nice, right? Not always!). So we learn how to suppress them. Suppressed feelings don’t go away. Embraced feelings that are felt fully, can shift and turn into something truly valuable, like acceptance and forgiveness. Not harboring hard feelings, can free up space for your intuition to surfice and manifest itself when needed.

Create a feminine sanctuary: It’s your sacred space where you can reconnect with your true self. My good friend, the author of Brave Ecstatic Woman, Merav Richter, lovingly calls her creative space, her Womb. Your sanctuary, does not have to be a full room, dedicated to your stuff and your alone time. It can be a small corner of your home, where you feel creative and connected to yourself as a woman. It’s the space where you can sit down, read a book, keep a couple of sentiments that remind you of your history and your journey. Keep your sacred space free of clutter, but invite things that make you feel happy - candles, perfume, incense, stones or shells that you brought from your last beach vacation. Anything that keeps you connected to the real you.

Be open to your own voice of intuition and when you hear it, speak about it. Your superpower is mighty and mesmerizing. Speak about it to other women - they will understand. And if men don’t want to hear about it, speak about it anyway. Chances are, they are just intimidated by something they will never ever understand.

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