Channel Your Creativity

Remember the time when you would get excited about a brand new box of crayons? You loved the colors, you enjoyed gliding the creamy texture of a crayon across the blank piece of paper and then smudging it with your little finger. Your imagination was untamed and anything was possible. And you probably had so many fans, completely enamored with your art. Have you ever had your art proudly displayed on a fridge, or maybe on the wall, near your bed? Remember how that felt? You probably felt satisfied and triumphant. You wanted to make more art and your creative energy was so abundant.

What happened, you ask? Nothing happened. You just got disconnected from your creativity. It probably occurred around the time when you started to doubt yourself and maybe people started telling you that you needed to have a “real job”. Let’s face it, you were misled because creativity is important for your overall sense of well-being and here is why:

Creativity promotes self-expression and a better understanding of who you are. Creativity can help you get in touch with your feelings and sensuality.

Creativity reduces stress and anxiety. The creative process can be very healing and calming. The act of creating, boosts the feelings of happiness and contentment.

It can improve your overall emotional health. Connecting with yourself through art, can help you battle depression and manage emotional pain.

Creativity stimulates different areas of our brain which is essential for maintaining a healthy central nervous system. It can help us recover from injuries, illness and stress much faster.

So how do you reconnect with your creativity? Actually, it’s quite simple. Start small. Get yourself one of those colouring books, with complicated patterns, specifically designed for adults. Or start knitting or baking again, if this is something you used to do. Maybe your thing is music and you can sing a tune or two, as you are getting ready in the morning. Art appreciation can also go a long way. Listen to the music that takes you somewhere special. You don’t have to actually create something, in order to channel your creativity. Maybe you can start writing a journal. It does not have to be something worthy of a literary prize. Just write and express your emotions. You may find the process to be quite cathartic. And if you have a little budding artist at home, bring out that pasta and make some art. It will be a great bonding experience as well.

As you are reconnecting with your creativity, be as sensual as possible. Pay attention to smells, textures, colours, sensations and feelings. This is how your creativity will turn into something magical, charged with pleasure and therapeutic joy. It will invite a brand new dimension into your life. Let it in. Buy yourself a brand new box of crayons and go play.

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